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PACE is pleased to be offering services related to the Affordable Care Act, and to have Navigators/In-Person Counselors on staff who can assit people sign-up for health Insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

We offer two primary services in relations to our role in connection with the Affordable Care Act:

1. We help individuals signup for coverage through the marketplace by sitting down with them and discussing their options and aiding them through an internet based application process.

2. We give presentations to community groups, businesses, and any other agency who might want information on how the Affordable Care Act effects them or their constituents.

3. We can help small-business owners determine the best options in terms of offering coverage to their employees through the Small-Business Health Options Program (SHOP) marketplace.

In any case, the goal is the same–to provide information, and to ensure that everyone gain gain access to the services which will most positively impact their life.

We hope you will take the time to look at this site, and will contact us if you have any questions.


Made possible with grant funding from the Illinois Department of Public Health

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